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When we started talking about offshore bank accounts, we would have to ask what are the areas of low or no taxation? What is an offshore bank account?. As the name suggests are countries or territories who carry little or no tax on individuals and companies, these countries are often small and insular, whose tax regime attracts customers from the major world powers, in addition, these financial enclaves have a high degree of legal certainty and from the financial point of view is most sophisticated.
Reasons to open an offshore bank account and conduct operations abroad:
a) International business and investment diversification. It is often much more profitable to make investments in the country no longer residing in the country where we live we pay high taxes.
b) Tax savings. There are times when it is best to invest with our company from the outside because of doing it ourselves with our company in the country of residence would pay higher taxes.
c) Protection of property and search for security and privacy. Sometimes life can you play a dirty trick: divorces, lawsuits, liability and threat of jail ... If we have everything provided by foundations and offshore companies could minimize these problems daily.
d) Banking and commercial secrecy established by law in most jurisdictions, is punished with imprisonment and heavy fines if there were any breaches of bank secrecy.
e) There is no exchange control and there is great freedom in the movement of capital.
f) Great economic and political stability since if there was some kind of problem in the country, there would be a considerable capital flight, and this does not matter to any offshore jurisdiction.
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